Time for a new adventure



New country, new city, new people, new university.

For me it’s now time to pack my bags and get ready for my flight in about one and a half weeks! In only a couple of days from now my very own adventure begins. Everyone who is following me on instagram might already know where this journey will take me – I’m going to Sweden!! And I’m going to stay there for 5 months! Oh boy, even writing these sentences down feels really weird right at the moment, I just can’t realize that this actually is going to happen. It’s hard to imagine that I leave everything here in Austria behind – all the lovely people, my flat, my working place, the university. Everything and everybody. Instead there are plenty of new places and experiences waiting for me and of course I’m really excited to explore everything in my new home town and get to know new people. But still the whole situation seems a little unreal to me. I can’t really describe my feelings, it’s just a mixture of excitement, nervosity and anticipation.

Why Sweden?

Nearly everyone that I told about my plans to go to Sweden asked me for the reason why I chose this particular country. So here’s my answer. Well, it’s kind of hard to tell the specific reason, I just made this decision because I listened to my feelings. This might sound a little weird actually but yeah, I always knew that if I would have the possibility to live abroad for a couple of months I would choose a Scandinavian one. Since I’ve travelled to Sweden and Norway two years ago I am really in love with these to countries. Wild and partly untouched nature, beautiful forests and lakes, midnight sun and northern lights, mountains, fjords and skerries. Of course I like other countries like Southern European ones as well, but anyhow I fell for Northern European countries in the past couple of years. The first time I came to Sweden was three years ago but as I was doing a little roundtrip including other cities in other countries I only stopped by at some cities in the very south of  Sweden. But the next year, in 2014, a friend of mine and I started another roundtrip by train. And this time we only focussed on Sweden and Norway. So we flew from Vienna to Stockholm and from there our journey began. We drove up Sweden until we crossed the arctic circle, saw some reindeer and elks, went hiking in the light of the midnight sun and even took a bath in the sea of the Lofoten islands. From that journey on I knew that I definitely want to come back to at least one of those beautiful two countries. And as the Swedish university, where I’m going to start studying at soon, offers better courses for my studies, I ended up choosing Sweden for my semester abroad.

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Adventure instead of routine

I know it can be quite hard to find ways out of your daily routine but sometimes all of us should do that. I really think that accepting new challenges every now and then always will have a positive impact on your life. And sometimes you might need to push yourself to leave your personal comfort zone because otherwise you possibly won’t do things you dream to do. I for instance kept talking about going abroad for like five years now. I always said “Yeah, someday I wanna go living abroad for some months…” but then the years passed and “someday” never arrived. Why? Because things won’t happen by only thinking and talking about them. You actually have to actively do something to make things happen. And that’s what I finally did since January. I worked on arranging everything to make it possible for me living abroad for 5 months. Yes, it was a lot of work and yes, it was frustrating and complicated at some points. I increased my weekly hours of working and I tried to not spend too many money on unnecessary stuff. But in the end it was worth the work and everything turned out fine. So if you also want to make your dreams come true stop waiting immediately, make yourself a plan and set your priorities. I know that sayings like “You can do anything if you just want it bad enough” are so timeworn but I still think that they are at least a little bit true. So try it out and try your best to make things happen.


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