Sweet Mango Rice



Leftover rice?

How about making some rice pudding for breakfast out of it? Yes? Ok. Topped with fresh mango or hot berry sauce makes this dish a perfect start in your day. For all the chocolate lovers out there I would also recommend to drizzle everything with a nice and creamy chocolate sauce. Homemade, vegan and sugar free of course. But how is this even possible, you ask? Let me tell you:

Just combine

  • 2 tbs coconut butter
  • 1 ts cocoa powder
  • and a dash of milk of your choice

and heat everything in a small pan until smooth and creamy. When the sauce cools it may thicken a little bit, so don’t hesitate to be generous with the milk.

Let’s hurry up, I’m getting hungry

Luckily the rice is already cooked so we just have to make a sweet version out of it. Just put the rice in a pan, add some milk and sweetener of choice and stir until you’re happy with the consistency. In my case I had basmati rice the day before which obviously is not the best type of rice for rice pudding but the taste was still very good anyhow. For having perfectly creamy rice pudding round grain rice would be the best choice though. When your done with cooking your rice pudding, just add some fresh fruit and drizzle it with the chocolate sauce. Now eat. All of it.




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