Erasmus in Sweden. Or: My temporary life on 23 square meters

Oh, Sweden.

Slowly but surely I’m starting to feel at home here. Although I still haven’t realized completely that I am really gonna live here for the next couple of months, it feels more and more normal to be here. Sometimes I still feel like a tourist but as I’m getting to know the city better day by day it gets better. I went shopping to Ikea last Thursday to buy some things for my room to make it looking more cozy and comfortable. And now this awkward hotel flair in my room is luckily gone too. I put some nice pillows and a cozy blanket on my bed, hung up some pictures of my loved ones, made my table ready to work and study and bought some kitchen equipment. This helped a lot to make me feel at home in this place.


Cooking and stuff.

What I really appreciate about my room is that I have my own kitchen with my own fridge. Though, the kitchen is really, really small and I hardly have space to prepare and cook my meals. The fridge is huge but the rest is tiny. So I have to get used to cook with a minimum of kitchen equipment. I have one pot, one pan, one cooking spoon and one chopping bord. That’s basically it. Therefore, while I live here I obviously won’t be able to cook and bake fancy stuff but I’m sure that I can create some nice recipes for you guys anyway. Probably I’m gonna stick to some basic and really easy dishes. But we’ll see. Maybe I just have to be a little creative 😉


Erasmus: Party all day long?!

Since I came here last week my daily routine was roughly looking like this:

Sleeping in. That’s actually kind of unusual for me because normally my alarm rings at the same time each morning. I guess here the clocks are still ticking a little differently than back home.

Living for the moment. I had absolutely no plans for the couple of last days. I just woke up and switched on my phone to check out what all the people in our building’s whatsapp group are suggesting to do for that day. It always goes like this: Someone just texts “Hej, I’m gonna doing this and that – who is in?” And then you think: “Oh yeah, great! I’m in, let’s all meet downstairs.” This is basically how it works and it is pretty cool because when you have time you just join and get to know new people or just hang out with guys you already know.

Survive. When you move to another place far away from your home with just a suitcase full of clothes and other random stuff, you need to organize yourself from scratch. You might forget that you even have to buy things like salt, pepper and kitchen paper because normally you just have them at home. So yes, I needed to go to the supermarket for about 3 times until I felt like finally having everything I need.

Parties and new friends. We are all new here, we come from basically everywhere in the world. We are here to live in a new country, to study but also to have fun of course. And I really enjoy the atmosphere in the house where I live. Of course I don’t know all of the people living here yet but still everybody that I’ve talked to is so nice and openminded. You simply notice that we all want to spend a great time here together. And yeah, of course there are a lot of parties going on but Erasmus is about so much more than that I think.

Other activities. Yesterday our Welcome Week started which is mostly organized by the university. This week includes several activities around the campuses like city tours, pic nics, fika, pub quizzes etc. and it gives us a little insight of Uppsala’s student life.


And what about working out?

Life without working out? – Not with me anymore. Actually, the two weeks before I left Austria I didn’t do a lot when it comes to working out but honestly, I just needed a break. When you’re following a fitness routine for weeks or even months it’s even quite good for your body to take some time off and fully regenerate. Afterwards you’ll be so motivated again – at least that’s what happens to me everytime I throw in some rest days.

On Sunday all international students were invited to the university’s gym to try out everything. And initially I just wanted to head to the free weights area right away but then some other girls asked me if I want to join them for the group classes. So I ended up doing Zumba and Yoga 😉 But yesterday I continued with my regular leg day and I’m already feeling sore.

All in all everything is going well, everybody is happy and Sweden is wonderful.




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