Cookie Dough Brownies

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Do you remember those times when you stood in your grandma’s kitchen and ate all the leftover cookie dough while the cookies were already baking in the oven? Wasn’t that great? So sweet, so gooey and it always felt a little bit like doing something forbidden 😉 In my opinion we should do that more often, even nowadays as we are grown ups. Because why not? Nobody will stand behind us and tell us that we’ve already had enough cookie dough and that we should wait until the actual cookies are ready to eat.

So today I have a recipe for you that tastes like kind of a mixture of brownies and cookie dough. Sounds amazing? Yes, it really is. And hardly anybody would assume that these brownies are way healthier than most other brownies they’ve eaten before.

Here’s what you need (for a dessert for 4)

  • 150 g oats
  • 4 tbs coconut oil
  • 4 tbs cocoa powder
  • 3-4 tbs xylitol/coconut sugar
  • milk of choice


Let’s go

Process the oats in your food processor. Then add coconut oil, cocoa powder and sweetener. Lastly add some milk (you won’t need much) just until the consistency reminds you of cookie dough. It should be soft but not too soft that the dough keeps sticking on your fingers. Happy no-baking!



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