Passionate about living a balanced life

Life is not about perfection. Work on your goals and follow your dreams – step by step and every single day. And soon you’re going to realize that this is much more fulfilling yet noticeably less demanding than always wanting to be perfect at first attempt.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

My wish is that we all can live a healthy and balanced life according to our own ideas and definitions of happiness. For me personally that includes being active and eating foods that supply my body with all the nutrients it needs to do all the fantastic things that it is able to. But I also keep in mind that a so-called fitness lifestyle is not everything that matters in this world. Balance is the key!

Our aim should not be to strive for that “oh so super exciting and ultra healthy fitness lifestyle” that so many social media personalities pretend to live, just to notice that we probably not look like them at all.  Let’s stop comparing ourselves to other people and let’s start concentrating on ourselves! Think about what we can do every day to be happy, to get closer to our goals  and to achieve our greatest dreams? What can YOU do TODAY?

While you are thinking about this little question I’d love to take you with me on my journey.