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My name is Ilka and I’m the founder of ilkamarille. Or I could even say the CEO – that always sounds super cool, right?

I created this website in order to connect with like-minded people, share value about building and running a successful online business and offer my services as a virtual assistant and content creator.

People love
stories, right? Well then, here is mine


I grew up in a small town in Austria before I decided to move to a slightly bigger town after graduating high school. In fact, it’s actually the second largest city in Austria, but given the fact that Austria isn’t quite big in total, living in the second biggest city here doesn’t say that much haha. Even though I truly love my home base, I’ve always been some sort of a freedom seeker. Whatever that means. In my case this means, that from a very young age on I developed a very strong passion for traveling. Traveling with my family, traveling with my boyfriend, traveling with friends, but also traveling solo.

When you take a look into my instagram profile, you’ll notice that I especially fell for Scandinavian countries, so ever since my first solo journey when I was 20 years old, I kept returning to Northern Europe. Eventually in 2016, I even lived in Sweden for half a year which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



However, life went on and I was stuck in the typical wheel of studying and working. Don’t get me wrong – I was happy all along. But something made me question: Is this really the lifestyle I want to pursue until the end of my days? To put it short: No, not really. Especially because I also couldn’t quite identify with the subject I was studying anymore. So what did I do? I took action.

I actively sought out for inspiration and connected with people who are active in the online business space. From then on there was a whole new world opening up for me. And I realized that there are ways to work location-independent. Hell yessss.



Fast forward to where I’m now: In 2018 I started working as a virtual assistant for a well-known Austrian blogger. I finished my studies and at the same time started working in an online marketing agency.

Another year later I quit that job, reduced my working hours and started working in a creative agency as a content creator while building my client base as a virtual assistant.

This currently gives me all the freedom and flexibility in my work life that I need right now.



Obviously I didn’t create this website to only tell you about my story. However, I’d be glad if I could inspire one person or another out there. Maybe this person is you?

I strongly believe that you can achieve awesome things in life if you put in enough effort and passion.

You can even turn your life around 180° if you are in a place right now where you don’t feel 100% happy at. Making a change is possible. One step at a time.

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