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So happy to see you here!

You wanna know who I am and what I’m actually doing here? Okay, then make yourself comfortable, make sure you have something to snack on and I’ll tell you a short story about myself.

My name is Ilka and no, Marille is not my last name. In case you didn’t know: Marille is the German word for apricot and has somehow to do with my middle name, which you might possibly know if you knew me a little better 😉 But in the end this little side fact doesn’t matter at all. Anyways, apricots are super delicious and super healthy. I like apricots. Well, fruit in general to be exact. Apart from pineapple and kiwi though, because they seem not to like me.

For a couple of years now I call Graz, the second largest city of Austria, my home. This is the place where I live, study, jog along our river Mur, workout in the gym, relax in intense yoga classes, stroll around farmers markets, enjoy some cake in my favourite coffee shops or just take a break from everyday’s life while I stroke my cat’s belly. And everytime I have some spare time and a little extra money I pack my bags and just want to go on a new adventure, discover new places and get new perspectives on life.

As this is a personal blog, the articles deal with the life I just gave you an idea of. What’s in it for you, you ask? Let me tell you:

  • recipes – sometimes sweet, sometimes savory and always healthy
  • blog posts about fitness/sports and general fitness inspiration
  • my thoughts about current (health-)topics
  • and some other insights to my everyday life – here in Graz or anywhere else around the globe.

Okay guys, it’s your turn now! Who are YOU? What moves you? Tell me something crazy about yourself, I wanna see confetti flying all over the place! Let’s go!


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