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Starting something mustn’t be hard.

Let me tell you a quick story: Sometimes I can be a real perfectionist. If there is an idea stuck in my head, I want to go for it right away. But the problem is, that when you’re perfectionist you’re also always afraid to fail at some point. And this sometimes leads to not even trying it at all. I always expect myself to be perfect from the beginning but this is just impossible and frustrating. When your aim is to do something in a perfect way from the very beginning on, you may end up never doing it because of the pressure you put on yourself. So what I learned (and what I still keep learning), is that you should not be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t waste your time thinking about what could go wrong. In the meantime you already could have started. And hey, maybe you don’t have the perfect workout plan right away, maybe you struggle with your form in some exercises and you even might have to take a break every five minutes to catch a breath. But so what, by doing nothing you won’t learn these things either. Improvement comes by time, trial and error but surely not by sitting around and thinking about what you could do wrong. Even experienced athletes learn new things day by day and improve their technique in each workout. So just start, stop being overly concerned and get ready to learn new things!


Make it a routine

Often you hear people say: „Doing sports is a part of my everyday life, I couldn’t live without it!“ And you might think: „Oh, I wish I could say the same about my life, but I just can’t keep my self motivated.“ Okay, stop. Only because someone is a sporty person it doesn’t mean that this person was born with that mindset. Actually, creating a fitness routine often means a lot of work and endurance. Even really fit people experience lacks of motivation sometimes and then it’s as hard as for you to bring themselves to go to the gym. But the difference is: In the end they do! They stop complaining about their lack of motivation and go to the gym. I know, we’ve heard it all the times: No excuses. And this saying is true in some ways: If you really want to change your life and work on your health and fitness in the long run, then doing sports should become as natural as brushing your teeth.

Okay, how to start then? Make a plan. Decide on which exact days you are going to workout. And then follow your plan. Especially in the beginning most of the people are really motivated and have fun following their plan. But soon there comes a time, where this initial euphoria disappears. And this is exactly the point where you have to push yourself to keep on going. When you manage to follow your plan for a couple of weeks even if the motivation is not as big as in the beginning, then it is quite likely that your workout plan becomes a routine.


Find something you like

Everybody seems to be excited about fitness and lifting weights at the moment? They go to the gym several times a week and can’t stop talking about how much weight they put on their barbells but you just can’t stand the idea of going to a gym? That’s fine, too! Of course you don’t need to have a gym membership to be fit. Try it out if you want, maybe you’re going to like it. And if you find out that you just don’t feel comfortable between squat racks and dumbbells, don’t worry. There are so many other options. Go jogging, swimming or cycling, make body weight exercises, HIIT or Freeletics, try out yoga, dancing or karate. Whatever suits you and fits into your lifestyle.


Have fun

“Don’t waste your time sitting on the sofa! You have to progress with each workout! Always give 100%!” Are these sentences also making you feel uncomfortable only by reading them? I totally agree with you. Because even if I always say, that leaving your comfort zone is a good thing to change some things in your life (for example to integrate a workout routine to your everyday life), in the end the most important thing is that you feel good and listen to your body. And, as I mentioned before, by listening to your body I don’t mean something like „uuuugghh, it’s cold outside, I can’t go to the gym today.“ But what I mean is that you should always keep in mind for whom you are doing this. Exactly: For nobody but yourself. And therefore the way you workout should feel good for you. And always keep in mind to not let you put under pressure by somebody else or even by yourself. A fitness routine also consists of some breaks every now and then, so don’t be too strict with yourself once you have found your routine. If you want to have a healthy and well functioning body in the long run you also have to find something that helps you achieving this goal in the long run and not only temporary. So start moving, take a break when your body is longing for it and have fun with your routine!



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